About Me

Hi I’m Danny, thanks for stopping by my page to learn more about me!


I’m a very self motivated person with a passion for Real Estate and the art of negotiating. All this led me to a successful and consistently growing career.


While doing investigations in my previous career I learned to ask a lot of questions and verify every piece of information. Part of these skills were learnt from a great course on interview and interrogation provided by Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates. This course and my past experiences helped me develop a winning strategy for negotiations but more importantly protecting my client's interest.


On a personal side, I live an active lifestyle and I’m always seeking new adventures. I love being in nature whether it’s hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing or camping. I do it all, but my true love lies in mountain biking and snowboarding.


My wife and I are currently building a house. Although I’ve been involved in multiple building projects this is the first one that I am fully managing myself and I must say that the endless hours of research, meeting with contractors, architects, and engineers has given me a new outlook on residential construction. I’m excited to share my newfound knowledge and experiences with my clients.


I am also quite passionate about architecture and local history. I am fascinated by the detailed craftsmanship and the story that every building tells. Whether it’s an old abandoned building in the woods, a century old home in the Glebe, or the stone walls of the canal locks; it always evokes a warm connection to Ottawa’s past.






2016 - 2017

Fun Facts About Me

  • In 2007 I competed in the Canadian National Freestyle Snowboard Championships;

  • I have been a snowboard instructor for over 10 years;

  • My wife and I bought our first house when we were just 20 years old;

  • In 2016 and 2017, I received the Gold Award from Royal LePage (top 10% of agents in my marketplace);

  • My biggest real estate deal was $2,195,000;

  • I am fluently bilingual (English and French).


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